What To Eat??

No matter where you look there are many questions on what to eat: What to eat in Paris; when I have hypoglycemia what to eat; what to eat when I'm feeling depressed; what to eat for weightloss; what to eat to help my arthritis; when I have diarrhea what to eat; what to eat to build muscle; what food to eat on medication; what to eat with ibs (irritable bowel syndrome); what to eat to avoid getting sick; and what to eat in Miami...you get the idea...all great questions...all have one general great answer...which is to

eat your foods as close to natural, as close to what your ancestors would have eaten and as unprocessed as possible.

Let's summarize what we’ve learned about proper nutrition up to now.

Where to start… We must say that knowing what to eat is not the difficult part…sticking to a proper plan that WORKS FOR YOU is the challenge. It can be overwhelming trying to understand and then pick the truth out of the mountain of 'health' information that is being thrown at us today.

Want know what nutrition means? Let’s start with what is definition nutrition: Dictionary.com defines nutrition as “…the process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and for replacement of tissues.”

Assimilates is the key word here…what you eat breaks down and the nutrients (if any) becomes your cells, becomes you! We aim to build our bodies with clean, organic and nutrient dense foods and avoid foods that are processed with overcooking, chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and the long list goes on!

What works for us!

Want to know what nutrition means? What GOOD nutrition means for us is to operate very nicely with lots of energy, never getting sick and having great mental clarity when we maintain a certain diet.

It took us a while to LISTEN TO OUR BODIES and find out what type of foods to eat. We learned early on that various foods energized us while others are draining. Our body chemistry operates best with a no-junk, match your body type diet.

We began to understand this after learning that we all have a unique metabolic makeup. A mixed protein/carb type operates best by avoiding grains and eating a diet as we describe

below…what’s yours?? Check out The Metabolic Typing Diet to get your answer…it may save you a lifetime of craziness.

Also, we definitely try to stay away from grains since reading Dr. Mercola’s the No Grain Diet book which basically states that our bodies are 99.9% the same as our genetic makeup 10,000 years ago. We didn't consume grains then therefore we have not adjusted to consuming grains even in small quantities… and in our modern day processed food world…grains are everywhere.

It’s worth checking into!

Foods That Make You Feel Great!

On a great day we'll start off with roughly an 8 ounce drink of mixed greens and a banana soon followed by a few spoonfuls of sprouts which we grow ourselves. Half hour later we might have a soft boiled organic egg or two and some broccoli.

Our mornings are supercharged until we start to feel sluggish around 10am or so. Then we’ll have a raw red pepper (eat it like an apple – yummy!) and a couple teaspoons of Salba. We may also have some soaked almonds if still a bit hungry. The Greatest What-To-Eat Books The rest of the day is the same. We tend to follow a whole food diet, always looking for food that is as close to its purest natural form as possible which means a lot of raw foods and great healthy lightly cooked or fermented foods.

Two of the greatest recipe books, in our opinion, which each approach good eating from different angles, are Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Living Cuisine by Renee Loux Underkoffler. Besides the great information in these books, the recipes alone are great and might aim people towards proper health.

Summing up

Your body can’t be fooled! It knows what’s best…experiment with different foods until you come up with a formula that works. Get to know your body type; does your body respond better to protein, carbohydrates or a mix of both? Also try reducing or eliminating grains…see how you feel…make note.

Remember this is just general information for you to check into and make your own decision with the help of your up to date medical practitioner.

If you need support in this area try an Exploratory Coaching Session

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