What Is Optimal Physical Wellness??

What is optimal physical wellness? Is it…

  • a muscular body with just the right amount of body fat?
  • Could it be not being sick AT ALL through out the year?
  • Is it having the energy in body and mind to go all day?
  • Or how about being able to jog lightly around the block and not being out of breath?
  • Is it being able to pick your 50 pound four year old off the ground and put her on the top bunk and not wrecking your back in the process?
  • Maybe it’s being able to heal fast if injured?

Yes, optimal physical wellness is all of the above!! In order to be in great shape the human body must:

  • Have defined muscles with healthy body fat;
  • have enough energy to move and think all day (with perhaps a little afternoon down time);
  • be able to pick up and run an 8 minute mile without too much crazy breathing;
  • be able to lift heavy boxes and put them on the top shelf and if, for some silly reason, you get injured…
  • be able to mend quickly and easily!

What is physical wellness? Definitely, we should be able to have this entirely into our senior years, a lifetime of physical fitness and wellness. The old model of the body falling apart in your 50’s and 60’s is false…false if you know what to do...

What is physical wellness and HOW do we get it?

Here’s the simple answer….eat right and move well. We’ll tackle the eating right on another page (although I do talk about the No Grain Diet below). Right now let’s focus on moving well.

The human body was designed to gather food, to protect itself, to build a shelter and to reproduce. It really is the perfect machine and wants to be that way always. The only way to keep the muscles at an optimum level is to utilize them on a regular basis.

How often: 3 to 4 half hour workouts a week outside of your REGULAR activity will keep your body firm.

Our bodies have not really changed that much in tens of thousands of years back when we were living in caves and hunting and gathering food. In those days we would hunt and gather 3 to 4 days a week to have enough food to keep us alive for a few more days so we could gather again.

Speaking of food, we will be talking about it in detail in the upcoming nutrition section of this site but we must share with you that PROBABLY the ills of most people come from processed foods AND consuming way too many grains, dairy and sugar in one form or another. WE are attaching a link to Dr. Mercola's book The No Grain Diet because it will probably help most people who use the information. Don't believe us...check it out for yourself...as you should for anything we suggest in this site. We may receive a small commission if you purchase the book which helps to support and develop this site.

Back to the 'what is optimal physical wellness'...

Even ONE good workout a week will maintain your present fitness level.

What type of workout: full body, inside and out, unless you are specifically training for a sport. We want to exercise all of our 600 plus skeletal muscles (about 650 depending on who you ask) on a regular basis. Use it or lose it? Something like that. It’s more like use it moderately and it will stay healthy for a long time.

We use a simple and effective routine with many of my clients. It starts from a light, range of motion, pattern and quickly works up to full body functional exercises.

If you do these exercises as described in the link above you will have one important key to answering the ‘what is optimal physical wellness’ question: a body that uses all of its muscles for what it was designed.

One of the gurus of physical wellness is Paul Chek, a holistic health practioner who lectures extensively on the subject of obtaining great health. Check out his webiste at the link here:

If you have any further questions regarding ‘what is optimal physical wellness’ or you require wellness coaching please contact us and we will reply shortly.

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