For a Healthier, Happier and Purposeful Life Team Up With a Life Coach

If you’ve come to this page because you are searching for a life coach or for any other reason take a precious moment to read through; my bet is you’ll be glad you did.

Is your world full of joy and peace; are you happy at work; are your relationships healthy, is your body fit and injury/disease free and are you comfortable with your spiritual or non spiritual path? Are you just plain feeling great?

If no then coaching will help you make sense of your Mountain of Life!

Life coaching is an emerging profession destined to change the world. Why? Because at the core of it, all life coaches (good ones) sincerely desire to support individuals in their personal evolution.

Most coaches believe that when any individual evolves, because we are all connected on this wonderful earth, it is for the greater good of all people and all things.

What is coaching?

Most people associate coaching with sports…well, they’re not far off. A coach of a sport’s team is focused on pulling the best out of his/her players in order to win the game. Life coaching is basically the same. A life coach’s job is to clarify what game of life is being played, then to pull from the athlete of life his/her best and then support, share and encourage until the game is won.

Shedding Light on “How Find Life Coach”!

Firstly, a Life Coach is like YOUR personal supporter helping to manage YOU INC. YOU are the brains and CEO of the company and the coach supports YOU to be successful.

Together, the coach will help YOU to develop a vision, lay out a strategy (action steps), deal with obstacles, etc

Until the world is humming along beautifully, we all should have an unbiased Life Coach focused totally on the business of helping the client to be successful in specific or all realms.

So if you are researching coaching or you are searching for ‘how find life coach’, ask these questions of them (the coaches) and/or of yourself:

• Does the coach have recognized training?

• Does the coach have experience?

• Do you feel good and calm when talking with them?

• If you have a sample session, did you find it helpful?

• What is the coach’s goal with you??

• Are they in sync with you or on a different page?

• Do they really listen to you?

• Do they leave their egos out of the session?

• How long are the sessions?

• Can you contact your coach in between sessions?

Does the coach have recognized training?

Even if a person is a natural born coach having some formal training from an accredited coach training organization is an indication of the dedication and professionalism to the field.

Does the coach have experience?

Do they have experience in supporting others? You’ll find that all good coaches have really been coaching all their lives before they started charging for it. I’ve always had people drawn to me, opening up and telling me their life stories and challenges.

Do you feel calm when talking with them?

Are you able to relax with them? It’s almost like talking to a good friend except that this one, with your permission, is going to hold you accountable in doing what it takes to reach your goals.

If you have a sample session, did you find it helpful?

You should come away from your sessions with a clear sense of accomplishment, that you indeed feel closer to your goals or found a way to move through or around a block. Click here to try a sample session.

What is the coach’s goal with you??

Ask the coach outright what they are expecting to accomplish with you. Depending if you have a specific realm it should be somewhere along the lines of being a partner in developing and achieving specific goals.

Are they in sync with you or on a different page?

This is interesting: does it feel awkward when they respond or direct you? A good coach will very easily move through a session with you like a conductor pulling together all the pieces of the orchestra to make beautiful music.

Do they really listen to you?

This question sort of goes with the last one: are their questions or responses in line with what you’ve been laying on the table?

Do they leave their egos out of the session?

The coaching model is about you and your quests in life. Good coaches leave their egos… their desires and goals, trials and tribulations out of the session unless it proves valuable in helping the client.

What Happens In A Coaching Session?

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Reinhold Niebuhr

Above are powerful words that are the motto of many addiction groups and fit quite well with all this because if we are not getting what we want in our lives than it is ultimately because of an addiction to one or more various facets of the way we live and thus think.

A general model of coaching has 4 distinct parts:

1. Clients come to coaching because they have a desire or an issue sometimes called an agenda. The coach will look for clarity in the agenda and focus on what the client wants to take away from the session.

2. When discussing the agenda there is usually an area that reveals itself as the center of it. This is sometimes called the coachable moment.

3. After hearing them out the coach may offer feedback, dig for solutions and ask the client for ideas on how to move towards their goal.

4. The coach will ask the client to define actual steps and strategies that they need to take. The coach will look for 100% commitment or ask the client to redefine the steps. The coach will be an accountability partner in making sure that the client does what s/he says.

To see for yourself, try an

exploratory coaching session.

It costs nothing but time, which could turn out to be priceless if you and your coach come up with some magical answers to your needs.

After the session, if you decide that this is something that would be helpful than we will develop a plan and program to tailor your needs.

Who Uses a Coach?

People from all walks of life use coaches for many different goals such as:

• Create a healthier lifestyle

• Find a new career

• Lose Weight/Get Fit

• Increase Income

• Get past writer’s block

• Play Chosen Sport Better

• Find a Life Partner

• Become a Better Leader

• Better Relationships

• And anything else that will make a positive difference

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