Feel Great! Join International Clothesline Week 2018

Maybe one day (soon?), co-creative connected people from around the globe or some smart teenager in a basement lab will come up with a way, using cheap parts from the local hardware store, to provide the world with free (or very cheap) energy!

Until that day, International Clothesline Week was created to encourage groups of people to save energy by hanging their clothes to dry instead of using electricity or gas.

Join Thousands of People and Many Communities Worldwide

Since 2005, thousands of people and dozens of communities worldwide have participated in International Clothesline Week. Many communities have revised their bylaws to allow clotheslines - another example of a changing world...for the better!

Do you remember as a kid seeing your mother hang to dry the clothes on the clothesline and a few hours later helping her to take them down and smelling the freshness of each piece?

Even in the winter you'd be pulling in frozen pieces of clothes that would stand on their own. Now most people ONLY use dryers and globally that adds up to a lot of dryers!

Breeze Power, Sun Power, HUMAN Power!

Over 80% of our households have a clothes dryer drawing huge amounts of precious energy!

If every household participated for even one day hanging their clothes to dry it would save us a huge amount of energy and a huge dollar savings.

More importantly that translates into less pollutants and thus less health consequences associated with coal driven electricity.

As a global community, if we could all hang our clothes to dry, it will mean healthier mentalities, healthier relationships and a healthier earth.

And that's just one day; how about a week, a year, a lifetime?!

As part of our conscious development to think and act on thoughts that support OUR health and the health of OUR planet, humans are encouraged to participate in the following:

INTERNATIONAL CLOTHESLINE WEEK (ICW): (As registered in the Chase's Calendar of Events)

  • When: Annually, the 1st Saturday in June, for one week.
  • Next dates: June 2nd - 9th, 2018
  • Location: World Wide!
  • Description: For AT LEAST one week,

    International Clothesline Week encourages the global public to hang clothes to dry instead of using their electric or gas dryer.

    If you can, make it a lifetime practice. Like a new years resolution make it the beginning of a new “healthy” habit.

    If you already do hang your clothes, commit to encouraging at least TWO other people, IN THE WORLD, to hang their clothes to dry for at least this special week.

  • PLEASE: Let us know of ANY other environmentally supportive suggestions that you may have.
  • Clothesline: In lieu of having a traditional clothesline (you know, the one with two pulleys, one on each end) you could create an indoor clothesline installation, temporarily using a piece of rope and tie it between two solid structures.
  • Where to hang your clothes: OUTSIDE on a clothesline would be best and you can also use: a clothes rack, a chair, your back porch, your treadmill (when you're not using it!), etc.
  • Contact: Tell others to go to www.HangToDry.com for International Clothesline Week information which will bring them to this page.
  • Mission: To have large numbers of people collectively save energy by hanging clothes to dry as a means to helping the environment and to symbolize the conscious co-creative progress of humanity.
  • The Goal: To encourage humans to use alternate energy…any clean form such as…solar, wind, HUMAN power, thermal, bio and others.

What is International Clothesline Week asking us to do? Every year the first full week in June (Saturday to Saturday inclusive) hang your clothes to dry instead of using an electric clothes dryer.

If a sunny day, hang your clothes outside; if a rainy day, hang your clothes inside. If you can't do it for a week, hang your clothes for a day or even just one load of laundry ... or a pair of jeans…any amount counts and will be appreciated by the people and by the earth itself.

Additional action: if hanging your clothes outside, make a statement by hanging flags or symbols of your country, culture, religion, a world flag and/or etc, to indicate that humans, from all walks of life, are interconnected and collectively involved in doing good things for the earth.

Have an International Clothesline Week Parade or Picnic in your community. Ask your city or town to participate in this event by publicizing the event and setting up the route and/or picnic location. You can get green sponsors to get on your side and likely many people will volunteer. Set up a contest to see who has the longest clothesline, the coolest clothesline, newest energy device, etc, all in the name of leading humanity into conscious awareness of their use of energy.

Things to consider when hanging clothes to dry:

  1. saves up to 10% of residential energy; Running a dryer 20 hours a month will cost you on average 100 kilowatt hours. A clothesline's operating costs are zero!!
  2. less need for nuclear energy or coal energy
  3. less emissions which saves our health, literally less deaths and saves the earth
  4. using solar and wind power - free
  5. clothes smell better (like sun and air)
  6. clothes feel better
  7. sunlight is a natural disinfectant
  8. clothes will last much longer (less wear and tear from the heat and tumbling of the dryer)
  9. clothes don't wrinkle – no need to use electric iron, another savings
  10. no need to wait for the dryer to finish
  11. don't have to empty the lint tray
  12. improve relationships; working together for the greater good builds friendships and love…
  13. can be therapeutic – the time it takes to hang the clothes can be time of reflection of you, family, earth, etc.
  14. burn calories - because you're exercising many muscles you burn about 45 calories every 15 minutes.
  15. Go a step further and use cold water for your wash to save additional energy. Hot water does NOT clean clothes any better than cold. Hot water DOES deteriorate clothes faster and fades colours quicker. If cold doesn't work for you, use warm instead of hot. This step alone will reduce massive amounts of pollution!

Is hanging clothes allowed? Maybe not!

If your municipality/region/builder doesn't allow clothes to be hanged then take a stand and do it anyway; make a statement during International Clothesline Week! Is aesthetics more important then saving lives? Call your local city hall's zoning and building department to ask them about the regulations. If hanging clothes outside is not allowed in your area, ask your municipality how you can change the law. If unsure and uncomfortable, just hang your clothes inside or do some other electricity saving action.

Please: Tell everyone that you know AROUND THE WORLD about International Clothesline Week; friends, relatives, media, groups, your government; get your children involved at their school. Give people a clothespin that has written "hangtodry.com" on one side (this site has all the information regarding this event) – ask them to PLEASE check it out and get involved!

Interested in Volunteering? We would love your help! Or if you have a question or comment please fill out the form below.

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Pass it on!

Let every one know about International Clothesline Week. This year lets make ICW bigger, better and recognized in more countries than ever before. Tell your government, neighbors, friends, family and everyone else to go to www.HangToDry.comfor more information.


Happy Hanging!,

Gary Drisdelle, ICW Organizer

Author of HealthyIsm Healthy I, Healthy World!

The Evolutionary Practice of Constructive Consciousness

For more information on HealthyIsm, the book about Higher Human Potential and Saving the World, go to www.amazon.com and search for "Healthyism".

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