A Story About Us

A little story about us. Hi! My name is Gary Drisdelle. Let me ask you a question… Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone?...well I get those feelings all the time…usually good feelings!

Lovely partner Lekha and Me

Just to get to know each other, here are just a few personal notes about me, in my own words.

Listening and Coaching

Over the years, providing life coaching, teaching martial arts, operating wellness and injury rehab centres and many other public experiences I have worked with thousands of people, helping them with some sort of physical need, emotional challenge or just setting goals and supporting an ultimate outcome. Even before I became a life coach professionally I always found myself listening deeply and coaching clients in different ways.

“…Gary!!! The talk we had the other night made me so clear going into the meeting with the others. We laid it all out and it just shifted. Thank you for being an attentive ear with feedback and great questions… AWESOME!!!” Shah M., Toronto

Blessed Ability

My life has been like a life coach novel. I have had this blessed ability to help people with their challenges and goals for as long as I can remember. Many times when knowing someone just a short time or even for a moment I found them opening up and confiding in me their deepest challenges, desires, etc.

I recall many times them saying something like “…I don’t know why I’m telling you this…I have never told anyone this before…I feel comfortable telling you this” or them telling me later that I was in their dreams in some profound and positive way. I used to blush and feel a little awkward when I heard this; not anymore…now I say “thanks for telling me”… I also get a good feeling, a natural high/rush when I hear how I've affected someone.

The Secret's Bob Proctor and Me, Silver Hair Boys


In knowing that each one of us is special in our own way I feel (and accept – wasn’t always the case) that I am special. My gift/specialty for the world as I have come to accept in my mature years is the ability to help people make sense of their own lives and life in general and help them achieve an optimal life.

I also feel and understand nature, including us humans, in a biological way that is hard to explain; it’s almost an innate acceptance/understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things.

Jack of All Trades

I remember reading somewhere in the mountain of coaching information that I have that the more you are involved in or have interest in the better the coach you are. That might explain my coaching talents because my interests are so varied such as raising my children, spirituality, piloting planes, reading, any part of building homes (designing, framing, masonry, electrical, plumbing, hardwood floors, etc), scuba diving, nutrition, martial arts, biking, hiking, skiing, traveling and exploring, snow boarding, sky diving, public speaking, building businesses, exercising, connecting with people, most sports, human anatomy, supporting the earth with ‘green’ actions, animals, building this website, etc.

Not Perfect

Even though I am aiming, calmly, for perfection and learning from my mistakes and experiences, I am far from socially perfect (socially because we are all really perfect as we are).

Like many I grew up in a dysfunctional divorced family that had battles with alcoholism, poverty and moving many times. Bad relationships and bad decisions got me into trouble on various occasions.

I have experienced all the negative human emotions such as jealously, anger, fear, judging, feeling like a victim, stress, greed, hatred, etc, but now I am very much a master of my thoughts, creating good loving emotions and making better life supporting decisions/thoughts.

What we think is mostly a result of our mental encoding stamped into us by the teachings of our upbringing, society and so much more. It could also be that our thinking and resulting emotions had a biologically survival purpose.

Love of Life

A note about animals... I have always found it hard to kill another living thing from a deer to a tree to a spider crawling in the house; if I can capture the spider, I'll let it go. If I'm going to eat meat the animal must have been wild or raised as free range. When my family does sit down to eat it, or a piece of broccoli, we will say thank you and acknowledge its existence and love for mother earth and how it did not die in vain because we will gratefully assimilate its nutrients into our bodies and go forth into the world and do good things.

Personal Goal

I aim to ‘walk the walk’ by showing by example. I aim to eat right, think well, work hard/smart, sleep well, exercise enough, give much, learn lots, relax, play and laugh a lot, etc. I strive to live an optimal life and I also strive to forgive myself when I ‘slip up’.

My personal goal in life is to help massive amounts of people to understand and live an optimal life in all realms.If you are web searching with the phrases “how find life coach” or “health personal coach life coach” let me help you find someone who can help you. And/or you can let me have the honour of inviting you to experience an Exploratory Coaching session. My aim is to show how helpful coaching can be for you.

Just send the information requested below and I will contact you withing 48 hours to set up your free sample session. Thanks!

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