Personal Training Fusion Class

Full Body Toning!

Class Mission: To motivate and guide participants through a FULL body toning routine in an efficient amount of time.

Class Description: Blend of functional exercises to give you a full body workout

• Guaranteed to touch every muscle inside and out

• Develops great muscle tone

• Fires up your metabolism!

• Personal touch; Efficient; Motivating

• Lose weight and/or Gain muscle

• Interesting and fun

Where: In Thornhill; send us an email and we send you directions.

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time & Length: starts 9:30am; 45-50 minute workout

Registration: First come, first serve basis unless you reserve a space as described below.

Cost: $20 per class

RESERVE YOUR SPOT…Special Price: $135 will pay for one calendar month of classes, which means a few things:

Firstly it will work out to at least one free class if not two depending on the month;

Secondly, paying for the month in advance will guarantee your space in this limited class (your spot will be reserved up until 5 minutes after class start time which at that time all remaining spots will be filled by any standbys).

Thirdly, paying in advance means that you are committing to yourself to be there, on time, or you forfeit the class since there are no refunds. To register, please fill out form below to reserve your spot.

To Register for Class or Have a Question:

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The Fusion Fitness Trainer: Gary Drisdelle

• Gary has been involved in the health and fitness world for well over 20 years. He has operated numerous injury rehabilitation and fitness facilities.

• He is dedicated to providing the best workout that he can deliver in an efficient amount of time. He has studied wellness extensively to stay on top of what is the best for the human body for it to positively evolve.

• He has provided 1000’s of hours of personal training and fitness classes.

• Gary also provides professional life coaching services specializing in wellness. For more information click on the Life Coaching button to the left.

• His clients range from the busy parent, doctors and CEO’s of major corporations to big name actors, professional sports players and the bride to be.

• He is a 4th degree black belt in Karate yet always delivers himself as the gentle soul that he is.

• His mission in life is to support massive amounts of people who are ready, willing and able to make sense of wellness and achieve an optimal balanced life.

Please Note These classes are designed for those who have permission from their doctor. Would your doctor say that your health would allow you to lift fifty 5-10lb boxes from a floor and put them on the top shelf, do 10 push ups on your knees and climb 10 flights of stairs and then perhaps do it all over again?? If not, that’s okay, let’s see if with modifications you can still do the class or explore other options by emailing Gary at

Bring a yoga mat & a towel…prepare to SWEAT!!!!!!!!!

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