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Hi! We're glad you've found this physical fitness and emotional wellness site. Our goal is to help you sift through the crazy amount of information coming at you and make sense of the health revolution. The key to great health is for humanity to evolve emotionally or to have an Emotion RevoLution! It doesn't matter what we call it, an Emotion Mastery RevoLution or Emotion Control RevoLution, it's time to revolt against destructive emotions, lol!

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You are not your history. You can change how you feel about the past NO MATTER WHAT. It is your story. It is your personal movie of your life and you are ALL THE CHARACTERS in your movie. Yes things have happened to you but whatever has happened is in the past and how you hold it in the present determines how you feel and act in the world.

Example For example if a stranger in a red shirt said something terrible or physically hurt you, every time you see a red shirt or even the color red, you may be triggered to remember the mental or physical injury and continue to hurt yourself EVEN IF YOU MAY NEVER SEE THE STRANGER AGAIN. You can stop the pain. The techniques you will learn here FOR FREE will help you to take control and change how I feel.

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