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Hi! We're glad you've found this physical fitness health and wellness site. Our goal is to help you sift through the crazy amount of information coming at you and make sense of the health revolution. The key to great health is for humanity to evolve emotionally or to have an Emotion RevoLution! It doesn't matter what we call it, an Emotion Mastery RevoLution or Emotion Control RevoLution, it's time to revolt against destructive emotions, lol!

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Simple A balanced life is simple in our books! It all comes from the foundation of thinking right. In this day and age of the conscious evolution/revolution we are moving from complete ignorance of health (not knowing that we don't know) to awareness (knowing that we don't know).

Listen The next step is to know what to do and take the actions to get there. This site will give you ideas and methods that work for us and maybe they will work for you! If you decide to make any changes and you discussed them with your principal health care practitioner do so slowly and gradually and LISTEN to your body.

What Actions To Take This site really focuses on your need to STOP your addiction to unhealthy lifestyle choices. This optimal health model is simple. Ask yourself this important question at all times "What are the actions to take towards my best health and am I doing it". If you're not sure what actions, we can give you plenty of free ideas to explore! And, if you know what to do and your NOT doing it, check out the Life Coaching section for some tips and/or take an Exploratory Coaching session...nothing to lose, everything to gain.

If you've been wondering what is physical wellness and even more, how to achieve it take a deep breath in and smile... there may be an idea or two here that will spark a fire of desire for wellness.

In our studies and experiences (in working with literally thousands of people from the CEO and the pro sports player to the female executive and the stay at home dad) great health is best achieved when living a balanced life.

When we eat right, exercise well, find spiritual health, treat others and the earth in a good way, take care of our diseases and injuries through healthy lifestyle and physical therapy wellness programs it will all come together nicely!

This site is the result of years of research, attending 100's of lectures and seminars, reading 100's of books and managing fitness and injury rehab centres. Remember that this site is just a current draft and perception on what is good for humans and the world at large. As with any idea or dogma coming from anyone don't take what we say for granted . It's up to you to listen to your body and the little voice in your head to find the true answers.

References and Tools We will give you references on nutrition and fitness, take a look at tools such as the movie The Secret and other formulas for spiritual wellness, and look at alternate energy types to ultimately help the earth which in turn helps us.

Helping the earth really does help you to achieve OPTIMAL health! With movies like "An Inconvenient Truth" with Al Gore it is becoming widely accepted that we must act globally for the health of our planet, our children and for ourselves!

This site will be updated regularly when new helpful information comes available. Please, let us know of any idea that may help others or the world at large. You can also check our blog where we will focus on answering questions such as want know what nutrition means or what is definition aerobic exercise or how find life coach and so on.

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